Nikka Shae

Founder & Creator

The vision of Founder & Creator, Nikka Shae of Oh! Nikka (, The Little Blue Box Brunch is one of the seasons most cherished events. Born from the desire to change the off-putting imagery of women and young girls, and a passion to bring them together in a celebration of sisterhood through encouragement and support for one-another, this annual spring soiree has become much more than a glam gathering among friends.

What started as a simple get together in May has blossomed into something very special. I could not have imagined that this intimate affair would be the thread to sew women together in sisterhood.

Inspired by grace and elegance, and a passion for pretty things, The Little Blue Box Brunch is a magical event that captures the hearts and imagination of all who attend as well as those wishing they were there.

Imagine being surrounded by gorgeous blooms, while the scent of springtime fills the air. You’re all dolled up and fancy, draped in gorgeous gems and pearls, surrounded by pretty things and little blue boxes, sharing in candid moments of laughter and great conversation.

While supporting and encouraging both women and girls to follow their dreams with vigorous passion, The Little Blue Box Brunch is a refreshing backdrop for sisterhood that enlists ALL women to…